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CoWalski offer is a place of inspiration. We are offering the most money saving and modern office/workshop space, in exceptionally well designed interiors.

Inspiration Avenue is an office space to rent in Solacz. A possiblity of using prestigeous apartment and the address. Location at Wielkopolska Avenue gives an opportunity for fast and convenient transport to the downtown, railway station, the airport or International Fairs.

Within the framework of CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue you may find:

1. CoWorking or Co-Working that is a possibility of individual or collective work in a rented space. This option gives you more comfort than working at home or any other working environment. You can work alone but not in solitude, in peace and quiet that you need.

In CoWalski you can also benefit from our office service (receiving mail, phone calls, archiving documents) and the services of our Partners (Accounting Office, IT, Real Estate Agency) and creative boutique.

Depending on your individual needs we can provide you with:
• Virtual office
• Conference room
• "Get together" room

2. Inspiration Avenue – worshop space

In our business we try to meet the growing demand of people who want to take part in (joining) extra curricular activities. Such activities enable us to discover our talents, fulfill our passions as well as improve our skills and qualifications. Inspirationa Avenue provides space for people who offer such classes and need a workshop to carry them out. We can offer professional, well adjusted rooms suitable for adults, teenagers as well as children. 

CoWalski is a money saving solution as you may rent a workshop space only for the time you carry out your extra curricular classes. Our goal is to make your business as much profitable and satisfactionary as possible. That way you can focus on your activities and leave the management of the premises and the paperwork to us.

3. Advertising Backup – creative boutique 

If you need an advertising backup for your business activity you may use our creative boutique. We have a great marketing experience with small and bigger brands representing many industries and we will be glad to share our knowledge with you.

Global CoWorking Survey 2012 showed how coworking is received by those who benefit from it:

In frame offer of CoWalski you may find the following space to rent:
• virtual office
• 21 workplaces
• conference room for 8-10 people
• workshop space for meetings and extra curricular activities
• "get together" room
• office service
• server room – in progress

Meeting Room
Virtual office
Creative boutique


CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue is a place offering broadly understood CoWorking. You can use our office space in accordance with simple rules, in useful package services suited for individual needs, within working hours 9:00 – 17:00. Inspiration Avenue is a useful solution that makes creating a business more easy and accessible. You can use a prestigeous address within the framework of a virtual office or office service. An excellent location at Wielkopolska Avenue, situated in a very picturesque site of Poznan – Solacz, enables you to get to the key sites of Poznan very fast.

Meeting Room

CoWalski thanks to the conference resources, can offer an ideal place for individual appointments, all kinds of meetings, training activities, or for business negotiations. In professional conditions, in exceptionally designed interiors you may carry out your business meetings or workshop activities. An exccelent location is very convenient for all people who could be interested in your business. A meeting in a comfortable conditions, in peace and quiet, in a very picturesque site of Solacz and a very good coffee is definately a good solution for your business.

Virtual office

CoWalski - Inspiration Avenue gives you an opportunity to use our prestigious address within virtual office service. This solution enables young brands to position itself in a very attractive location in Solacz, on Wielkopolska 29 Avenue. Depanding on the choice of the most suitable service package, you can use mail service and professional conference room for your business meetings. So your business may become more and more inspiring.


CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue offers space for people, who provide all kinds of extra curricular activities, training activities and workshops. This is an excellent opportunity for people who run their business and search for a suitable space to rent. Yet only for the time they actually need it – for example when they organize a certain group for given activity. It is a money saving solution for those who want to avoid unnecessary costs, that are incured when leasing an apartment on usual terms. We welome to our worshop space in the afternoons (after 4:00 pm) and during the weekends, when it is most suitable for you. Join us and create an inspiring place!

Creative boutique

In our Creative boutique you can find all you need to present yourself in the best light and promote your brand. We offer our services to those who are setting up their businesses. In our Creative butique - in accordance to one’s individual needs we can: design a logo, set up an interent page, print business cards. W can also create marketing strategy and execute an advertising campaign in social media and much more….


CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue is a completely new concept for business – office/workshop. We attach great value to the atmosphere, relations and the people, who broght us to this place. Inspiration Avenue is a unique place, mansion (tenement house) with soul, that still remembers the scent and the flavour of an apple pie, baked by our grandmother and its walls still vibe from the inspiring stories told by our granfather, our aunts and other memorable members of Solacz’s high society. Thinking of how important is for people to have time for reflection and relaxation  we created Inspiring zone. It is a space for resting, meetings more in a private formula. Invite your favourite Client/Business partner, or a friend – for a snack, watching a movie or a concert together, a heated discussion. Exchange a book – or even "hang a coffee" for someone.